Meet Jen Pasquale

I launched my career as a Corporate Trainer.

I loved traveling the country, helping teams identify opportunities, create a plan for success, and executing those plans. 

As a military spouse and then mom, I shifted my professional focus to working from home as an instructional designer, developing the programs my colleagues would train. My superpower was my ability to make the complex sound and feel simple and achievable. 

I enjoyed the flexibility of my work, but always wondered if I was meant for something more.  

And then I learned my CliftonStrengths®

Learning my strengths came at a time when I was struggling with my unique value. My value was intertwined with the roles I played – mother, spouse, sister, daughter, friend. I couldn’t plant my flag and stake a clear claim to the ways in which I was unique beyond those roles. I didn’t have  the words for what others saw in me. 

Learning my strengths meant learning about my Restorative®, or that part of me that was a master problem solver. It mean embracing my Relator® and owning the importance of quality over quantity relationships. It also meant, finally, learning language for all the ways my  Strategic®, Intellection®, and Analytical® thinking served my decision making. 

I can be an over thinker, I can be a dedicated introvert, I can be a worrier. But now I understood that those aspect of me were just the flip side of a coin that included keen problem solver, deep connector, and wise strategist and planner.  

Now, I spend my days combining my two professional loves - facilitation and strengths.

I love bringing strengths-rooted “aha” moments to the individuals and teams, helping them strengthen their connections to themselves and each other.   

My strength lens is the magic of my approach to leader development. For me, leading well means not only knowing ourselves well but it also means creating space and support for those we work with to learn about and live out their unique value. 

What I see in individuals and in teams is that the more talent and strengths clarity we create, the more my clients fall in love with their own talents. And, the more curious they become about those around them. 

We’re impacting productivity, performance, retention, sales, and even communication and conflict. But above all else, we’re helping you redefine your value and learn the language needed to help those you work with understand and celebrate that value, too. 

Coaching Certifications and Credentials

Have a project in mind? Give us a call! 919-244-4817 jen@prideandgritconsulting.com
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Have a project in mind? Give us a call! 919-244-4817 jen@prideandgritconsulting.com
Cage: 9L5Y9
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